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VTCT Level 3 Diploma In Makeup Artistry - Sutton Coldfield Reserve Your Place For


An outstanding qualification this course will equip you with all the key skills you need in professional makeup artistry. You will become well versed in a wide array of areas from providing makeup for special events such as wedding and parties as well as learning specific techniques such as contouring and cut creasing. 

Course content

During your time on the course you will go through many different aspects of the makeup industry, providing you with a thorough and concise learning experience. Please see some of the topics below you will undergo go whilst on program with us.

  • Tools of the trade & product knowledge
  • Cleansing procedures
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Skin analysis
  • Colour-Correcting and Concealing
  • Warming and cooling colours (the colour wheel)
  • Correct application and choice of foundation
  • Contouring & Highlighting
  • Achieving Perfect Lips
  • Day make-up techniques 
  • Evening make-up techniques

A lot of this qualification will be assessed by the tutor who will be teaching you and overseeing your classes. You will be assessed through the various stages of your course such as –

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes are the most important component of the unit, they set out what is expected in terms of knowing, understanding and practical ability as a result of the learning process. Learning outcomes are the results of learning.



This indicates the minimum number of observations required to achieve the unit.


Assessment outcome

An observation outcome details the practical tasks that must be completed to achieve the unit. 


Knowledge/Study Work

A knowledge outcome details the theoretical requirements of a unit that must be evidenced through oral questioning, a mandatory written question paper or portfolio of evidence




Completing this course will be the first step in your advanced makeup career, allowing you to take your newfound skills into various job roles and opportunities. 

Throughout this qualification you will be able to learn in a practical way, viewing your tutor apply makeup on models and then also doing so yourself. This hands on approach will allow you to get experience of being in that environment, as well as developing your skills along the way. For the entire course structure and unit specification please click here.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

Once registering and paying the deposit, listed above, you will be able to obtain funding for this course via learner loan. The loan will cover the entirety of the cost and you will not have to pay this loan back until you are earning in excess of £26,575. For more information please click here.