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Senior People Professional Level 7 (NEW!)


Overview of Job Role - Improve people practices in organisations in order to drive organisational performance and effectiveness.

This course is ideal for you, if you wish to become a Senior People Professional and are new to the role or have previous qualifications and/or experience and are working in an associated role, which provides support for qualified professionals.

This occupation is found in small, medium and large organisations which sit within any of the public, private or third sectors. Senior People Professionals are found in all industries and are a key component of virtually all types of business model, where there is a workforce to support and manage.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to improve people practices in organisations, in order to drive organisational performance and effectiveness. Senior People Professionals are the in-house experts in people, work and change. They champion the people agenda to create working environments and cultures that help get the best out of people, delivering great organisational outcomes.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with a range of stakeholders across their organisation, creating medium to long-term value for a wide audience. In larger organisations, they may be part of a wider specialist team. They may also lead a team of Human Resources (HR) / Learning & Development (L&D) / Organisational Development (OD) consultants/advisers. In smaller organisations, they might be solely responsible for the entire people agenda and report directly to the organisation lead. At this level, Senior People Professionals are ambassadors for their organisations and will typically have wide-ranging networks and need to interact with a wide range of internal and external senior stakeholders.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for applying their knowledge and expertise to lead the design, implementation and evaluation of people policies and practices, aligned to the needs of the organisation and its employees. They will be responsible for leading people projects and/or playing a key role in larger organisation-wide programmes and managing their own work with a high level of autonomy. Senior People Practitioners have to keep up to date with relevant legislation and regulation and make timely interventions, to ensure their organisation's relations with its people are effective and compliant.

Senior People Professionals engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including developing and maintaining strong relationships with senior stakeholders to facilitate engagement on people issues. Keeping up to date with key trends and developments in the profession is critical to this occupation. Analysis of future workforce trends and providing insight around

people analytics is an essential responsibility, which enables Senior People Professionals to influence senior stakeholders and make recommendations for change. Senior People Professionals are increasingly responsible for seeking out, evaluating and utilising technology to deliver the people strategy. Typically, Senior People Professionals have some budget responsibility and will be expected to employ continuous improvement approaches to maximise the use of limited resources.

Senior People Professionals may specialise in either Human Resources (HR), Learning & Development (L&D) or Organisation Development (OD). This apprenticeship occupational standard takes a core and options approach. All apprentices will complete the core and must select the one most appropriate option to their role from HR, L&D and OD.

Course content

For information on what this course entails please click here to find out more.

This course will be assessed via our online canvas platform where students will have access to the course and resources to help them throughout the qualification. Students will also have regular meetings with a tutor via telephone or in person every 4-6 weeks and this will allow them to submit work and receive feedback on work completed. 

Students who complete this qualification will receive a certificate detailing their completion of the Senior People Professional Level 7 qualification as well as the units that the student will have achieved. 

Students will be allocated a tutor to assist them during the program via monthly meeting with reviews taking place. They will also have access to an online learning platform that they will be able to submit their work and monitor their progress and feedback from their tutor.

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The cost of this course is funded through the government and it requires a 5% contribution from the employer which is £950. To enquire about this course commercially please click here to contact us for more information.