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Management Level 7


The ICQ Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership is a director’s management course aimed at senior managers and leaders. Their work activities are strategic and they are responsible for the control of activities and work output of other managers, who have the opportunity and the ability to demonstrate recognisable leadership and management skills, for example improving performance within the organisation, providing leadership, facilitate innovation, developing a strategic business plan, managing risk, workforce planning and project management.

Course content

On this course you will complete the following mandatory units:

·         Execute a strategic business plan

·         Develop a strategic business plan

·         Provide strategic leadership and direction


You will then select optional units from the below.

·         Manage strategic human resources

·         Design business processes

·         Lead the development of a knowledge management strategy

·         Optimise the use of technology

·         Establish organisational governance controls

·         Lead the development of a continuous improvement strategy

·         Establish business risk management processes

·         Shape organisational culture and values

·         Obtain financial resources

·         Lead the development of a quality strategy

·         Manage strategic marketing activities

·         Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion

·         Develop and manage collaborative relationships with other organisations

·         Manage product and/or service development

·         Develop a business strategy

This is a competency based qualification and evidence is gathered by the candidate as you will undertake your normal work role. This will form the basis for your portfolio. The evidence must reflect policies and procedures of the work place as stated by current government legislation.

A range of assessment methods will be used by the assessor including examining work products and expert witness testimonies and direct observation. An assessor will visit you in the workplace and undertake observations of you at work. These will be planned in advance in order to cause the minimum disruption to your work routine and to try to capture as much information as possible in one visit.

Knowledge based units will be assessed using a range of methods including reflective accounts, projects, assignments, assessor questions and professional discussions.

Candidates will have full access to assessor support via telephone, email, Skype and web links.  Our Offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 17:00pm if you need to speak to someone about your course.

Our Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership is designed for strategic managers aspiring to develop their skills. A Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership is the benchmark qualification for full CMI membership, taking you another step towards Chartered Manager status.

Learners who achieve the Level 7 NVQ Diploma can progress to Higher Education qualifications such as an MBA or further professional management qualifications that specialise in particular areas of finance, marketing or management consultancy.

52 - 60 weeks

You will be provided with a login to the SCT website lending access to the course resources. 

You will undergo regular evaluation sessions with trainers and managers. Participate in a variety of activities including Q&A sessions, practical observations, and professional discussions, you will also be asked to complete a number of activities in-between visits to build confidence and competence in the knowledge, skills and behaviour areas.

Do I need to be employed to do this course?

No – however you would need to be observed for the purpose of proving competency so it is important an observation opportunity can be arranged.

When am I going to see my assessor?

Once you have been fully enrolled you will hear from your assessor within 7 working days.  Your assessor will arrange to meet with you at your workplace (or somewhere mutually appropriate).  It might also be a good idea to invite your employer to attend this meeting so that they are also aware of the expectations of your assessor.  Your assessor will let you have their contact details and will be able to provide remote support in- between meetings.

How long does it take to get my certificates?

Once you have successfully passed all elements of your framework you can expect to receive your certificates in 3-4 weeks.

Can I complete my course quicker than 12 months?

Funded Apprentices must undertake a minimum of 365 days in training before you can undertake end point assessment.  If you have a requirement to undertake the course in a shorter timeframe please consider our commercial opportunities where duration can be learner led.

Can I complete more than one course at once?

Yes if the courses are commercial – however discuss this with the IAG team if this is something you would like to do


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