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£49 Interactive Learning : Mental Heath Awareness


Welcome to our Mental Health Awareness course!

This course consists of three parts:

1. The Learning Materials - Everything you will need to know, carefully selected and arranged in a step-by-step learning journey to give you the knowledge needed. You can view these as many times as you need! The courses consist of text, images and videos!

2. The Assessment - After you have completed all your learning materials and when you feel ready - you can take this short questionnaire to test your knowledge. The questionnaire consists of 9 questions in order to pass. Once you pass you will be awarded a Badge of completion and once your work is reviewed - you will be issued with a certificate of completion.

3. Feedback & Further Reading - We will ask you to provide feedback and this will be a list of links with content related to the course you have just taken. This will complement your learning & add more in-depth knowledge to challenge you.

Course content

This course will consist of one module that contains sections of information that you will be able to use to gain all the relevant knowledge and information you need to complete the qualification. The module breakdown are as follows and will contain these information sections below.

Mental Health Awareness

  • Introduction
  • What is Mental Health?
  • Statistics
  • The Law
  • Types of Mental Health Problems
  • Types of Mental Health Continued
  • Symptoms of Mental Health
  • Managing a Mental Health Problem
  • Self Help Methods In Managing Mental Health Problems Continued
  • Supporting Mental Health In The Workplace
  • Talking About Mental Health
  • Mental Health and Working from Home
  • Summary
  • Further Reading

This course will result in one short quiz that will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge gained by requiring you to answer various multiple choice questions that will test you on different section of the modules you will have studied.

Once completed you will have a level 2 Certificate for Awareness in Mental Health Awareness.

This course will be undertaken online using our canvas platform. Learners will be given a login to access the course and all relevant resources needed to complete the course.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding the course please click here to contact us.

This course costs £49, this includes registration and certification once the course is completed.